18 August 2009

Final Journey

Appearing in Time magazine on this day in 1947:

"Died. Gipsy Rodney Smith, 87, British evangelist whose gently persuasive voice pulled hundreds of thousands of repentant sinners to camp meeting altars all over the world for five decades; of a heart attack; on board the U.S.-bound Queen Mary."

Though Smith was a Methodist, his followers came from all denominations. In recognition of his services during World War I, when he often visited the front lines, King George VI made him a member of the Order of the British Empire.

He had undertaken the transatlantic journey in the hopes it would improve his health, but the Queen Mary's physicians said he was stricken by several heart attacks en route to the United States. Just before his death, he had asked to be taken to the top deck of the ship to greet some friends.

The Evening Independent, St. Petersburg, Florida

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