25 July 2009

The Final Bid

From the Spokane Daily Chronicle, Spokane, Washington, on this day in 1967:

Interest High in Queen Mary

London (AP) - Sixteen firm cash bids for the 81,237-ton liner Queen Mary will be considered Wednesday at a board meeting of the Cunard Steamship line in London.

The deadline for bids expired at midnight Monday. The final one, four hours before deadline, was from Long Beach, Calif., to use the liner as a floating hotel.

Seven of the bids are from groups or individuals who want the liner for scrap. These came from Italy, the United States, Japan, Britain, and Hong Kong. Her scrap value is estimated at $2.7 million.

The group of Hong Kong Chinese also put in a second bid to use the ship as a floating hotel.
There were nine bids for further use of the vessel including one by Mayor John Lindsay of New York of $2.25 million ot use her as a floating high school.

Henry McMahan of Export Consultant Inc. of Atlanta, Ga., wants it for a floating trade exhibition.

Most of the other six bids proposed a floating hotel.

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