25 June 2009

Speed & Progress

On this day in 1901, Maurice Lambert was born in Paris, France. Lambert, a sculptor, created for the RMS Queen Mary a group of bronze reliefs entitled, Symphony, as well as the plaster frieze, Sport and Speed, and two relief groups of anodized aluminum, Speed and Progress.

Symphony, installed on the proscenium of the stage in the first class main lounge and over the side doors, consists of five bronze reliefs of floating musicians and singers.

Sport and Speed can be seen above the shopping island in the main hall on the promenade deck; Speed and Progress, now lost, was in the travel bureau on main deck.

From The Art of the RMS Queen Mary: "All of Lambert's sculptures--in themes, materials, finishes, and style--are strikingly progressive, and most closely of any decoration on the ship, echo the currents of the Art Deco or style moderne so popular abroad."

Tate Online
The Art of the RMS Queen Mary by Douglas M. Hinkey

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