12 June 2009

Ship in Two

From the Toronto Daily Star on this day in 1945:


London, June 12 - (CP) - Capt. John Boutwood of the sunken British cruiser Curacao told an admiralty court today the liner Queen Mary, with 15,000 U.S. troops aboard, broke his ship in two, and "went right on through and over the two pieces" Oct. 2, 1942.
The cruiser sank in five minutes with the loss of 338 men. Destroyers saved 101. The admiralty said the collision occurred when a submarine was heard and the Queen Mary started zig-zagging at 26 knots. The 3,290-ton cruiser turned towards the U-boat and was simply "trampled over" by the 81,235-ton liner.
Capt. Buotwood testified he thought for a moment there was a chance of saving the forward section, but the deafening roar of escaping steam and other failures caused him to decide there was no hope. The admiralty court will decide which ship was at fault.

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