27 May 2009

Ready to Dash

From the Virgin Islands Daily News:


     Before the Queen Mary leaves today on her maiden voyage to New York, most of England, Scotland, and Wales will turn out in representative bodies to wave goodbye and to add as much pomp to the departing ceremony as possible.
     Trains will leave for Southampton from all parts of the country, along with buses, omnibuses, and tram cars, and when the mighty throng disembarks at Southampton the ovation is expected to exceed any other given in England for years.
     Meanwhile the Queen Mary will lay at her dock, while passengers and royal visitors overlook the surroundings from its mountainous decks. Flags, and multi-colored bunting will be used elaborately in the decoration, some of which will be still tied up even when the huge liner is ready to dash across the Atlantic. Radio operators on the ship will keep in contact with the world through, wireless and radio telephone devices, when the trip has begun.
     The great anxiety and excitement is due to the fact that the Queen Mary, England's largest ship, is making its initial trip at the same time Queen Mary of the British Empire celebrates her 69th birthday.

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