27 May 2009

Mightiest Liner

From the Ludington Daily News of Ludington, Michigan, USA:


Britain's Mightiest Liner Has 2,139 Passengers on Maiden Trip
     SOUTHAMPTON, Eng., May 27.-(AP)-The S.S. Queen Mary, Great Britain's mightiest liner, sailied at 4:34 p.m. (10:34 a.m. Eastern Standard Time) today for New York.
     On board the great vessel were 2,139 passengers. 
     She pointed her bow toward the English channel amidst scenes of public enthusiasm that transformed Southampton's harbor into a vividly exciting welter of sound and color.
     More than 500,000 spectators blackened docks and the roots of buildings and overflowed to vantage points along the solent. Thousands of motorboats, tugs and excursions craft swarmed like so many chips in a pond about the giant vessel. 
     Ships in the harbor broke out their flags and bunting. Factory and ship sirens screamed a farewell, with the Queen Mary's own siren, audible for ten miles, lifting clearly above the rampage of noise. 
     Five boat trains from London, carrying the largest single consignment of passengers for one ship in the history of Britain, arrived alongside the Queen Mary from 1 to 3 p.m. Prominents from various European countries, and from the United States, were among those whose luggage came pouring onto the dock. 

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