26 May 2009

A Fever of Turmoil and Babble

Written aboard the Queen Mary on this day in 1937 by passenger, A. Louis Drucker: 

Cunard White Star

RMS "Queen Mary"

May 26, 1937
Darling Loraine
     At last I am aboard S/S Queen Mary. I never saw so many people congregated on one ship at one time. All are excited, a lot miserable - but all in a fever of turmoil and babble that I can't even hear myself right. 
     We arrived New York 8:45 A.M., took a taxi to the boat, and found myself in the writing room, after a survey of the ship. I haven't as yet met my cabin partner. I have a bedroom with twin beds. The buddy whoever he may be has ten suitcases, one trunk strung around the floor. In order to get to my side of the room, I had to climb and stand on several. 
     Mr. and Mrs. Woodall are very excited at this time. The Rotary are having a reception in the lounge and by the empty bottles strung around, I presume it was a wet reception. Mr. and Mrs. Blaydon, the honeymoon couple, I have yet to meet, but I have checked with the purser and have permission to visit their class. They are in room E66 a third class room. Good luck to them. 
     Tell Barbara that she should be a good girl. Erwin write to me and tell Stanley to dictate a letter for me.
     Tell the Daily Press to send me the Daily Press for two months. 

Love to everybody, 

               Your affectionate hubby,


Darling Loraine by Barbara Smith - The Story of A. Louis Drucker, A Grateful Jewish Immigrant

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