05 March 2009

The King & The Queen

Using the ordinary workman's gangway to board, King Edward VIII on this day in 1936 inspected the RMS Queen Mary where she sat in the River Clyde under heavy rain. The king, having left London for the first time since the death of his father, doffed his bowler hat in repsonse to cheering workers lining the sides of the ship, many of them shouting, "Good old Teddy!"; he then proceeded to take a seven-mile, three-hour tour, visiting several first class staterooms, the officer's quarters, the engine room, and the bridge where he chatted for a considerable time with Commander Sir Edgar Britten, who would pilot the Mary on her maiden voyage in May. 

Said the king to Cunard White Star Board Chairman Sir Percy Bates, "This is a ship built for utility. I am very pleased with everything I have seen."

Canberra Times
New  York Times

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