06 March 2009

Captain's Quarters

On this day in 1947, Captain John A. MacDonald took command of the RMS Queen Mary for the first time. During the ship's career, she had 33 different commanders, fifteen of them commodores, three of those--Edgar Britten, James Bisset, and C. Ivan Thompson--bearing the title "Sir" as Commanders of the British Empire (CBE). 

A captain had serving directly beneath him four officers, including a staff captain, as well as the chief purser, chief engineer, and chief steward. 

As reported in the May 1936 issue of Popular Mechanics magazine, the ship's commander "...run[s] the Queen Mary from a "brain center," the ship's chart room, next to the wheelhouse. A glance around dials and indicators in this room gives an officer more information than a regiment of foot messengers could bring in...the Queen Mary will run the year round, and despite weather conditions, expects to deliver passengers on...schedule." 

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