19 February 2009

Lucky Kaff

On this day in 1949, English contralto, Kathleen Ferrier, was on her way to New York aboard the Queen Mary. As the ship ran late due to bad weather, she was having a grand time, playing shuffleboard, deck golf, and ping pong, as well as partaking of new cuisine. In a letter to her sister, Win, she wrote: "I'm at the Staff Purser's table - a L'pool lad - so I'm all right!, with 2 American girls and 3 other males, and they're all fun. The chief steward has kept me supplied with fruit in my cabin - peaches, apricots, apples, oranges and black grapes, and altogether it's just unbelievable luxury. I've taken to oysters too and like them, and had corn-on-the-cob which tickled my ears and filled them with melted butter!"

As for the weather, she notes, "It's been rough and we shall be a day late in New York, but I wouldn't have minded if it had been a week! I've never turned a hair - well, not more than two or three, and have enjoyed every meal. Lucky Kaff! I hope I can justify, with my singing, this luxurious living!" 

This was her second of three tours of North America. 

Letters and Diaries of Kathleen Ferrier

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