12 January 2009

Rolled Ox Tongue, Anyone?

Items of interest on the breakfast menu for Monday, January 12, 1959:

-Chilled Cavaillon Melon
-Stewed Figs
-Compote of Prunes
-Oatmeal Porridge
-Onion Soup Gratinee
-Kippered Herrings
-Jelly and Parmentier   Omelette
-Minced Chicken on Waffle
-Rolled Ox Tongue
-Currant Scones
-Ceylon Tea
-Horlick's Malted Milk
*Passengers on Special Diet are especially invited to make known their requirements to the Head Waiter.

Please email me if you know what Bemax is. Or if you've ever actually eaten a Jelly and Parmentier Omelet. Seriously, I'm interested.

Queen Mary by James Steele 

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