14 January 2009

The Man who Made the Map

On this day in 1947, MacDonald Gill, the fellow who painted the fabulous mural of the Atlantic Ocean, entitled simply, "Decorative Map of the Atlantic," [pictured left] passed away at the age of 63. The map remains today where it was throughout the ship's career, even in wartime, on the forward bulkhead of the cabin-class dining room. Across it, a miniature crystal replica of the Queen Mary followed its route, navigating cloud and star across the ocean, from London’s venerable Big Ben to the skyscrapers of New York. This seemingly whimsical touch is one of my favorite things about the Queen Mary, though at one time it was taken so seriously by the ship's captains, they wouldn’t come down to eat unless it was functioning properly. 



  1. On the 9th, I used that map too. Tday I did another post about the Mary, brt I'm afraid you have a bigger readership.

  2. Maggie, I just checked out your page for the 14th and posted a note. Now I'm going to look at the 9th...thanks for taking the time to comment here! I'm always thrilled to hear from others who appreciate that old tub in Long Beach - and the charming past she represents. Sail on!