04 January 2009

Around the World in 108 Days

On this day in 2010, the Queen Mary 2 will set sail from New York City for a trip around the world.* The ship will dock 108 days later in Southampton, England, having stopped at 37 ports along the way, including Civitavecchia (does this sound made up to anyone else?), Suez, Muscat, Bombay, Phuket (always fun to say), Hong Kong, Shanghai, Yokohama, Guam (ooo, fun!), Auckland, Sydney, Capetown, Rio de Janeiro, Barbados, and the ever exciting and glamorous Ft. Lauderdale.

If you'd like a Queen's Grill Suite, it will set you back a mere $80,529.78. Small change, right? Especially for butler service 24/7 and evening canap├ęs and personalized Cunard stationery--among other privileges. Of course there are less expensive accommodations, ranging from $66,729.44 for a Princess Grill Suite to $23,189.56 for a Brittania inside room. But no problem--you've got a whole year to save up! Now how many quarters does it take to get to $80,000...?

*For more details, see the official Cunard website.

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  1. Certainly is probably the grandest ocean liner afloat today and one can tell even by being a mere viewer onshore. Never mind going on QM2 as it costs the earth for many of us. Its great just even watching it.