10 January 2009

1,000 Men

Today in 1938, the Queen Mary was drydocked in Southampton, where 1,000 men were at work scraping her hull, tuning up her engines, and giving her funnels a fresh coat of Cunard red (which is actually a sort of orange shade, originally consisting of bright ochre and buttermilk that "cooked" onto the smokestacks--though this process was no longer necessary by the time the Mary was launched, the resulting signature color remains). Despite the tremendous manpower, the ship's refitting would take two weeks to complete. 

A free preview of the original newsreel is available at British Pathe (with registration). 

British Pathe

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  1. How fascinating to discover you on the LL. I', a lurker there, but just this week have been scanning photos from our 1999 visit to the Queen. :)