29 December 2008

Grey Ghost

On this day in 1945, the Mary set off from Southampton, England, for a five day journey across the Atlantic with 11,346 American troops and 846 crew onboard. The men were going home after seeing action in places like Normandy, Bastogne, and Hagenau. Some were coming home in one piece, others with battle scars and wounds that might never heal. It's not hard to imagine how happy they must have been to see Lady Liberty holding her torch high in New York Harbor. No doubt each one of them had wondered if they'd ever see her again when they made the outward bound journey for Europe and for war.
Data source: www.ww2troopships.com

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  1. speaking of ghosts - have you considered writing an article about this ship's haunting history? I found one titled the Queen Mary Haunted Ship http://www.queenmarycruises.net/queen-mary-ship-haunted/ rms Queen Mary cruise ship haunted history with 130+ ghosts in it :)